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Male Sex Problems

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Description :

Male Sex Problems

  • Erectile dysfunction (Impotency)
  • Feeling of deficient erections
  • Erection when half sleep in the morning and ceases when fully awake
  • Loss of erection before sex without discharge
  • Loss of erection during sex with or without discharge
  • Premature Ejaculation (discharge of semen before the act of sex)
  • Hasty Ejaculation during the act of intercourse
  • Feeling of inability to do sex over longer period of time
  • Inability to enjoy further intercourse after act of sex
  • Impotency associated with history of sugar
  • Penis not developed normally (Hypogonadism - Penis enlargement)
  • Penis retracted inwards due to overweight or certain bad habits.
  • Habit of Mastuburation
  • Volume of semen ejaculated is less or thin.
  • Impotency due to some injury or Venereal Diseases
  • Indulgence in Homosexuality
  • Want of erection at the time of intercourse as due to shyness or a thought that he is impotent, where as actually he is not so

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